Month: March 2018

What is a profit margin?

What is a Profit Margin? Profit margin is defined as a ratio of profits earned to total costs over a defined period (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Each industry generally has its own average profit margin due to the differences in costs and materials needed for different products and services.   There are two types of profit margin
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Top 5 Accounting Mistakes Business Owners Make

As a business owner it is important to be involved in your business.  From the day to day operations, customer service, strategic planning, etc…  But many business owners have trouble understanding the debit/credit side of accounting.    Failure to understand the complexities of accounting can cause financial mistakes, stunt growth, decrease your bottom line, strain a
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As a former performing professional magician, one thing I really learned is that practice does matter. How did I learn to make a coin vanish?     Practice, practice, and more practice!!! Every behavior that is practiced consciously becomes an unconscious habit at some point. Practice is the “Mother of All Skills” and every human
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