Business Coaching & Mentoring

Metro Detroit Business Coaching Expert Customized to Each Clients Needs

MT&B has a unique approach to small business coaching that is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of business owners at different stages and challenges. It blends high-level consulting with on-the-ground coaching and execution to make sure your vision is realized. Whether you’re a startup formulating a strategy or an established small business looking to grow, we have tailor made programs that respond to your current needs and progress.

Running a business means facing a lot of unanticipated decisions and tasks. These challenges tend to be unique without a clear answer. Frankly, it can be a lonely place. Few understand your situation well enough to advise and support you effectively. Our business coaching started out of understanding what it’s like to be there. From the experience of starting our businesses, we appreciate the situation and have the insight to navigate the terrain successfully.


Getting your business set up properly can be daunting. We help organize this process into a manageable set of tasks. And we leverage our experience to help with ideas and decisions for a solid foundation moving forward. Good decisions at the outset save expensive backtracking later and increase your odds of success.

We start with an abbreviated business plan that answers the crucial questions, including
• Strategic considerations
• Business model
• Financial projections
• Marketing plan

We also cover these areas:
• Location
• Capital
• Fundraising


Business plans and models can change once the market provides feedback. The goal is to find out as quickly and cheaply as possible what customers will buy and build a profitable business around it. Our approach is informed by lean startup methodologies to focus on a scaled down version of your vision idea to get real feedback that indicates how a full scale product will do.


Success requires sticking to tasks and repeating what works. The challenge is figuring out what is working and finding ways to ensure consistent application of these profitable activities. No one likes to talk about habits because it’s boring. But repetition and optimization of tasks is the single-most important thing you can do to improve the effectiveness of your business. Once we identify the ideal operations for your business, we help you develop systems for you and your team to follow.

While our coaching always revisits the different parts of your business to make sure they are the best mix for meeting your goals, we are most focused on ensuring your current plan is aggressively pursued. We work with you to develop “rhythms,” routine activities that are crucial to moving the needle on your business. Opportunities for course corrections occur naturally in the course of this process. When something isn’t working as planned, we can address challenges or parts of the model that don’t seem to be working.

Core Activities
• Tracking Key Metrics and Actions to meet targets
• Keep at the tasks that will bring you success. (Accountability)
• Develop techniques for effective execution.