Sales Leads

No matter what business you are in, the sales process is the most important process in your business and a well-designed and implemented sales funnel is one of the most important tools you can integrate.

A sales funnel is a systematic approach to selling or offering a product or service.  Whether you are in a consumer focused business, enterprise business or even education or governmental focused business you already have a sales funnel within your business if you are currently generating revenue and finding new business.

A sales funnel is a systematic set of steps you use to attract, qualify, educate, close and provide post-sale services to your customers, as well as your system for measuring the cost of each step and the overall average cost per sale.

If you are generating revenue and seeking new customers, you are using a sales funnel, whether realized it or not. Idea Labs Consulting can work with you to structure a sales funnel that will track key sales metrics, allowing you to pinpoint areas for improvement on an ongoing basis and make your sales team more effective.

Marketing and Web Design

Whether you’re seeking to have a website created from beginning to end or if your current website needs to be updated, we provide the tools and experience along with transparency to effectively communicate your creative vision for your potential clients to see. Giving those potential clients a great first impression is best achieved with having the most useful, relevant, and easy to navigate website.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design & Development

Building a high quality website that the search engines can easily find and understand should be a priority for most people that are seeking web development services. When search engine spiders are sent to crawl your newly launched site, they are examining its infrastructure, accessibility, load times, uniqueness, functions, and other aspects. MT&B strongly believes in taking into consideration these important aspects when designing your company’s site. MT&B web developers have the experience and knowledge to implement these requirements into your website’s design.