A strategic plan outlines your firm’s strategy and vision and plots a course to reach them. We collaborate with your team to craft an achievable, yet challenging plan. We then coach you through the implementation phase to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. The following sections are included in the plan.
Core Values:

Your core values are your company’s personality traits. They define who you are and provide an overall framework for making decisions. They become increasingly important to maintaining a sense of culture as your company grows.

Key Success Factors:

Your KSFs are the 2-3 essential steps you must perform to grow and thrive. Building a strategy around your KSFs allow you to channel your resources to the areas that matter and compete in the market more effectively.

Brand Promises:

Trying to be everything to every customer will bankrupt your company. Discover and commit to the 2-3 brand promises that will strengthen your competitive market position.

SWOT Analysis:

Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will help you develop lasting growth assets and reduce competitive risks before they become a problem.

Key Metrics:

Determine which numbers are most critical to measure on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. This will align your team towards the activities that drive your company’s growth.

Goals / Objectives:

Goals and objectives illustrate, in tangible, realistic terms, how you plan to achieve your vision. They keep your team focused and minimize distractions that slow your growth.