As your business grows, so does the complexity, confusion and costs. A process workflow will help you reduce the chaos and create a more efficient team.
In its infancy, a business thrives on the fast pace and loose orientation needed to build and service a customer base with limited resources. As a business grows, however, the complexity increases. Systems and processes often evolve organically to solve short-term problems without regard as to how it impacts the big picture.

A process workflow is a visual representation of your processes, the roles required to fulfill them, and the documents you use. With it, you can see both the forest and the trees of your business cycle. It provides a starting point for discussions on how to streamline operations, reduce redundancy and clarify roles and responsibilities.



Have you outgrown your bookkeeper’s skill-set, but can’t afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer?
During a company’s infancy, when business is simple, the owner or bookkeeper takes care of the accounting. As a company grows, the mounting complexity creates new challenges that consume the owner’s increasingly precious time. But the company is not large enough to sustain a full-time CFO making a $200K annual salary. This is the ideal time to hire a part-time CFO.
Outsourced CFOs provide financial expertise that will save owners time and give them peace of mind.
An outsourced CFO can help you with:

• Financial Reporting – We will guide you to generate the right management and financial reports to support both your day-to-day and your long-term decisions.
• Financial Analysis – We will calculate your breakeven point and time to payout your investment. We are also Excel gurus and custom-build an analysis for you.
• Forecasting/Budget – We will project your future earnings and cash flow based on conservative, expected and windfall scenarios, to find problems before they surface.
• Valuation – We will determine the current value of your business.
• Communication – We will manage your financial function and act as a liaison to third parties (your attorney, tax CPA, financial advisor, banker) to ensure you get sound professional advice.
• Capital and Fundraising – We help you understand how much capital you need to grow and the financing vehicles available to you.